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1 1 Chromebook Overview

STEAM Academy recognizes that access to technology in school gives students greater opportunities to learn, engage, communicate, and develop skills that will prepare them for work, life, and citizenship. We are committed to helping students develop 21st Century technology and communication skills. To promote equity and access to technology, STEAM students use a district provided Chromebook for school and home use. STEAM Academy was the first Fayette County School to offer a 1:1 take home program for students. 

Chromebooks provide students easy access to Canvas, email, Google Drives, and other online resources. Students learn how to integrate the Chromebooks and their applications into their learning process. Each year, students receive instruction in digital citizenship, internet safety, and proper care of technology. STLP students help with repair of issues that arise from daily use of STEAM Chromebooks.

The Chromebook is used at school each day in every class and students take them home each night. Expectations are that students bring their fully charged Chromebook to school each day. 

STEAM 1:1 Chromebooks
Working with Chromebooks in Integrated Science class.
Using Chromebooks in Geometry class.