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STEAM Program

Welcome to the STEAM Program




For more information about STEAM Academy or to schedule a visit, contact STEAM:

STEAM Academy:  (859) 381-3033

Chris Flores, Director

Jenna Goens, Administrative Dean

Alex HendrixAdministrative Dean

Eric Ridd, Counselor (11th, 12th)

Allison Moore, Counselor (9th, 10th)

What makes STEAM a great place for students?  Opportunity! 

STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics - is the broad umbrella for how the curriculum in this Innovation Zone program is organized. Students tackle high school concepts at very high levels, all through the lens of authentic, problem-based learning within the STEAM lens.

You are invited to explore our website and find specific information about the STEAM program, what makes us different from other schools, and how STEAM provides individualized opportunities for success.