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About STEAM Academy

About the School

STEAM Academy focuses on STEAM Habits to guide student behavior, learning and exploration. With an emphasis on project-based learning and student inquiry, STEAM is able to provide authentic learning experiences.  

Technology — STEAM is a fully one-to-one device school with district provided Chromebooks for every student.  This allows students to have access to the level of technology needed to prepare them for the current workforce and digital world. STEAM course resources are provided to students through the online learning management system, Canvas. Students can access resources, assignments and make submissions any time they have an internet connection.

Dual-Credit Courses — STEAM course offerings provide students a college based semester schedule where full year high school courses can be complete in one semester.  Accelerated classes allow students to enroll in dual-credit college courses during their junior and senior years.  This collaboration with area colleges and universities aims to produce an individualized learning experience for students that asks them to demonstrate the thinking and problem solving skills that are essential for success in college and future careers.  Students who are eligible have the opportunity to attend classes through BCTC and the University of Kentucky.

Internships — STEAM students have the opportunity to enhance their academic, career, and personal development through the STEAM Internship program.  Students work and learn through community-based partnerships, experiencing the challenges and growth only these real-world opportunities can provide.

Recognition  In 2017, STEAM was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of America's Best High Schools

Who can attend STEAM Academy? — Students are selected through a lottery system, which allows STEAM to maintain a diverse student population.  

STEAM Academy is located at 1555 Georgetown Road.

Our Mission

Through cultivation of students' talents and passions, STEAM Academy will provide real experiences that inspire learners to lead. This occurs through:

Student ownership of learning;
Technological responsibility and expertise;
Empowerment through internships;
Authentic STEM inquiry learning;
Mastery of expectations.